Impact of patients remaining relapse-free on carer burden as measured by change in IEQ from baseline to double-blind endpoint following initiation of INVEGA SUSTENNA®


Adapted from Gopal S et al. 2017.
IEQ, Involvement Evaluation Questionnaire
i. As measured by the Involvement Evalutaion Questionnaire, a validated intrument for schizophrenia to assess
caregiver burden, which includes a broad range of domains of caregiving consequences.5

The objectives of this post hoc analysis were to assess the demographics and baseline characteristics of caregivers in these two studies and to determine any predictors of
improvement or worsening in caregiver burden following LAI (PP3M and PP1M) treatment.5

The current study contains pooled data from two large double-blind (DB), randomized,multicenter, phase 3 studies and assesses the caregiver burden in PP3M-treated and PP1Mtreated
patients with schizophrenia.5

This is one of the largest sampling of caregiver burden based upon the Involvement Evaluation Questionnaire (IEQ) ever collected (n = 1498, 27 countries).5

Briefly, patients with schizophrenia (DSM-IV-TR diagnosis of schizophrenia for at least 1 year before screening, total positive and negative symptom score score between 70 and 120) were first started on PP1M for 17 weeks (open label phase). In the first study, after stabilization with PP1M, patients were randomly assigned to either continue on PP1M or be switched to PP3M in the DB phase (48 weeks).5

Caregiver burden was evaluated using a validated and well-accepted instrument, IEQ. The IEQ was chosen because it addresses a broad range of domains of caregiving consequences.
It encompasses 46 total items, each rated on a scale of 0 to 4; the items are related to the encouragement and care that the caregiver has to give to the patient, to personal problems
between patient and caregiver, and to the caregiver’s worries, coping and subjective burden.5

LAI, Long-Acting Injectable; PP3M, Paliperidone Palmitate every 3 months; PP1M, Paliperidone Palmitate every 1 month

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